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The Coastal Batik of Java

Pekalongan is an old historic town on the north coast of Central Java. It has been a trading port for centuries and important in Dutch times for it?s port for trading commodities from Java as well as traditional fishing and trade with inter-island communities from Borneo to Sumatra.

Pekalongan Batik

There are several varieties on the north coast of Java, of which the batik of Pekalongan is one of the most famous for the richness of complementary colours printed with hand carved wooden blocks onto strong linen, making it one of the most durable and softest batik materials made.

Studies have shown that one piece of Pekalongan batik can contain up to ten colours which give the different styles their identity. Moreover, that any of these colour combinations can be combined and work well aesthetically. This may be why it is so appealing to different cultures. This batik is meant to be used in the household, but the beauty of some of the designs and vivid colours make it a work of art in itself that would adorn any dining table, curtain set or cushion covers. Unlike the gaudy coloured royal batik that may look a shock in London or New York, Pekalongan Batik looks stunning adorning any western household.

Cirebon Batik

For the connoisseur of coastal batik, another one, soon to be added to our website will be coming on, called Cirebon batik and it?s megamendung cloud pattern that was influenced by the 300 year old trade with artefacts from Chinese early sea traders.

This is a unique pattern again and the design can be seen on many different Indo-Chinese objects, adorning temples, doorways, as well as batik.

We are offering our favourite selection of Pekalongan batik tablecloths, chosen for their pattern, colours and quality. No two pieces are identical, but the colour combinations shown below represent our current stock. Requests for different sizes or patterns can be sourced on request.

Code Description Price
RLR200 143x198 cm Large red dominant tablecloth 35.90
SSB100 100cm Square 6 seater tablecloth in brown shades 24.70
CSR100 Round red fish design tablecloth 26.30

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